Silicon Valley May 8-11, 2017

S7227 - Optimization Performance for Speech Recognition of LSTM Algorithm on NVIDIA GPU

Liang You ( Leader of Alibaba Cloud HPC, Alibaba Cloud )
Liang You is in charge of the High Performance Computing Team at Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. He focuses on platform construction and performance optimization for High Performance Computing domains including Machine Learning, Weather Forecasting and so on. Before joining Alibaba, Liang worked as senior technical engineer at Intel Software & Service Group.
We'll introduce some advanced skills about performance optimization for speech recognition of the LSTM algorithm. Speech recognition needs each LSTM forwarding channel to return results in a very short time. However, LSTM algorithm's implementation has really low efficiency on NVIDIA GPUs. Especially when processing multiple forwarding channels, different channels running on the same GPU will impact each other's performance dramatically. We optimize the performance and finally get amazing performance improvement for reducing the running time for each forward processing tunnel and enhance the number of forward processing tunnels.

Session Level: All
Session Type: Talk
Tags: Performance Optimization; Deep Learning and AI; Federal

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