Silicon Valley May 8-11, 2017

S7222 - Deep Learning in the Connected Kitchen

Hristo Bojinov ( CTO, Innit, Inc. )
Hristo Bojinov is CTO of Innit, where he is responsible for applying state of the art computer technology towards the company vision. Hristo works in the areas of computer vision, cloud and big data, as well as mobile and embedded software and hardware development. Previously, Hristo was CEO of Anfacto, a consulting company that specialized in Android OS customization for large wireless carriers. Before that, he was CSO at 3LM (acquired by MMI), the first MDM vendor to offer a full range of native enterprise service capabilities for Android devices. Prior to 3LM, Hristo held a variety of engineering and managerial roles at Facebook, Google, Decru (acquired by Network Appliance), and Oracle. He holds an M.S. and Ph.D. in computer science from Stanford University and S.B. from MIT (Course 6-3).
We'll present Innit's work applying deep learning technology to build a platform that powers the connected kitchen of the near future. We've been carrying out pioneering work in the applications of modern computing technology to tackle problems in the food space, with a specific focus on empowering the very personal relationship between people and food. Throughout the food ritual (from planning and shopping to cooking and serving), Innit connects information about food with personal preferences and needs, and delivers actionable information via multiple channels such as mobile apps and embedded user interfaces at home and at the store. Deep learning makes multiple appearances in this process, from the latest in CNN-based object detection and classification, to using CNN features for image retrieval and matching, to advanced sensing in extreme environments such as an operating oven.

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Session Type: Talk
Tags: Intelligent Machines and IoT; Computer Vision and Machine Vision; Deep Learning and AI

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